Does WmEDIINT support AS2 ?


One of our trading partner is using AS2, so we would like to establish the communication with the trading partner via AS2. As per my knowledge, AS2 is nothing but HTTPS over internet.
Am I right saying that we can use WmEDIINT to communicate with the trading partner that is using AS2 ? Does WmEDIINT support AS2 ?

fyi, The message type we are going to use are ORDERS and INVOIC as TRADACOM standard EDI message.

Your help is much appreciated. Thanks in advance.



For your information EDIINT supports secure message/protocols AS1(smtp)/AS2(http/s)/AS3(FTPS),you have to setup EDIINT AS2 communication in your webMethods/TN env’s to/from communicate with your trading partner.

Please review the webMethodsEDIINTUserguide.pdf for more technical information on the AS2 protocol configuration,which uses two main services EDIINT:send,EDIINT:receive.

Also visit for more info on EDIINT.

Let us know if you are still not clear.