Does wM 6.5 support WebSphere Message Channel in MQ Series 5.3?


I want to ask about WebSphere MQ Adapter connection configuration in wm 6.5, since the configuration only stated the Server Connection Channel not others type of channel like Message Channel (Sender / Receiver and Client/Server Channel).

Currently we are doing the replacement of websphere MQ. The websphere MQ is integrated with some applications using MQ series too. So the job is to connect to each application that using MQ series with WebMethods 6.5 that has no Queue Manager.

What I’m trying to do now is to set up connection MQ Adapter 5.3 from webMethods 6.5 to an application using MQ.

I have the connection configuration already (the Queue Manager, Queue, Channel and Host) which they are will be the mandatory input for the configuration. But they can’t be connected to each other.

And when I made new queue manager, queue, and channel, I discovered that only Server Connection type channel that can be connected to webMethods.

As you know there are two type of channel in WebSphere MQ: Message Channel and MQI Channel.

Message Channel will be sender-receive, request-server, cluster sender - cluster receive

MQI Channel will be server connection channel - client connection channel

From the exploration we assume that now the machine using Message Channel, since they have the sender receive channel as the bridge between two Queue Manager (Websphere and each application).

So my question is can webMethods 6.5 support Message Channel?

Thx a lot!

Message Channel is used to connect between two different Queue Managers through Message Channel Agents, which is used internally in MQ series.

webMethods doesn’t have any queue manager in it.

You have to use MQI Channels ie., SvrConn and ClientConn channels to integrate MQ series and webMethods…

Below listed are the basic parameters that are enough to connect to websphere mq series.

hostname & port number
queue manager name
queue name
server connection channel


Thank you very much for the explanation Senthil!

so in order to connect mq series and wM, I have to change the existing type of channel (Message Channel) or create the new channel which is Server-Client Connection Channel.

Just curious does wM newer version like 7.1 have the queue manager?

thx and regards,

Hi Evelyn,

Queue Manager is something that is specific to IBM MQ Series… You cannot expect other tools like webMethods or TIBCO to have the same concept of queue manager built in…

You have to use MQ Adapter in webMethods to make webMethods to speak to MQ Series…

As I told you before, Message Channel is used to connect between 2 different queue managers…

Using webMethods, you can put/get messages in queues that resides in queue manager.

Let us know if you have any doubt…