Does webMethods 9.8 support Windows 10

Dear All,

Has anyone tried installing webMethods 9.8 (latest version as of now) on Windows 10? Any issues faced during the set-up?

Kindly post your comments here.

PS: System requirements guide does not talk about this, but still has anyone tried installing.

Hi M@he$h,

I think that are some threads in the tech community, stating that webMethods 9.8 is not officially supported on Windows 10.

However I have installed the 9.9 trial version on such a system and the install worked.

Just make sure that you have admin rights when installing.

The problem that I faced was that the Designer libraries were not installed (due to the fact that I had no admin rights), so the Designer became…just basic Eclipse :).

I have browsed through the IS admin console and also wrote some services.

The IS part looks OK.

Just make sure when you tun the SAGInstaller jar to do it as an Admin → “run as Administrator”.

Hope this helps,
Vlad Turian

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Thanks Vlad. I have installed it on windows 10 it works nice. Mostly wM 10 will be supported on Windows 10

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I’ve downloaded the wM 10 trial version for Windows 10. I am able to start the Designer. Though I see all the folders installed I am unable to see the Integration Server in my Programs list.

Wondering what is going wrong.


Many threads in community are commenting that webmethods 9.8 is not supported by Windows 10. But recently I have installed 9.9 version on my system and guess what it worked. Just keep in mind that you have all the admin rights while installing.

I hope this helps!
Ben Martin

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