Does IS close the process when it timesout

Many of you must had this issue:

IS accesses a resource, say mainframe, - it is trying to write to a file (which does not exist) - The IS waits for few seconds (as mentioned in the connection timeout) and closes the connection and returns an error.

My question is, at this time (when it timesout and closes the connection) does it stop the Unix process that it started earlier to write to that file.

Why do you assume that a Unix process is spawned for Java file io? Are you calling a script to write the file? What makes you ask this question?


I wish we had an option to delete our questions. My question was Premature.

The fact is that, IS is able to establish the connection successfully and it calls a function on the resource - this function starts the Process which tries to write to the file. Because the file was missing the process was trying to access the file in an infinite loop (logic in the function) - hence creating the bottle neck.

Why not make life a little easier? First check if the file is there.
If not create it, and then start writing to the file?

you are right, rlitjens. But logic to do that is not on my end. Hope the back-end guys do a better job next time.