Fail to ShutdownRestart IS on every First Attempt


Just recently, we have difficulty to bring down our Integration Server.
Below are the steps we used to bring down IS

(1) Set to Stop/Restart IS option
(2) Set maximum wait time to 2 minutes (Once we increased to 5 minutes but to no avail)
(3) After 2 minutes, checking the server log shows the message “Server shutdown completed”, but…
(4) Problem 1: We are still able to access EVERY pages of IS Administration Console. Why?
(5) Problem 2: Looking at the Windows Services Panel Window, webMethods Integration Server is shown as ‘Running’. Why?
(6) Since we are not able to confirm is IS been shutdown, we ‘Stop’ webMethods IS using Windows Services.

This event troubled us as we have to always double confirm if the IS been shutdown or restart cleanly. Any of you observed this strange behavior?

How can we fix this? Please advice.

IS Specs:-
IS Service Pack 2
JVM 1.3
IS installed as Services (Auto Startup) on a Windows 2000 machine
Physical Memory 2GB
IS Allocated Memory 1GB

I get something very similar. Our configuration consists of:

IS 6.1 with TNS Fix 15 on JVM 1.4.2
running as a service on Windows 2000 Server

When I do “Shutdown immediately” from the administrator’s console, I get the following in the server log:

… Server shutdown completed.
… Shutting down server. User requested.

But the IS service’s Java process continues to run, and if I try to access the administrator’s console I get this in my browser:

Access Denied.

Services necessary to show the Integration Server Administrator are currently unavailable on this port. This is most likely due to port security restrictions.

If this is the only port available to access the Integration Server, contact webMethods Support.

Like you, I have to shutdown the Windows service to actually terminate IS. Sorry, I don’t have a solution to this.

What are the settings on the Recovery tab of the IS service?

In my case the Recovery tab on the IS service reads “Take No Action”.

Where is the “Recovery Tab on the IS service reads ‘Take No Action’” located? I can’t find it in the IS Administration console as well as guide.

Well, this might not seemed to be a big problem as IS can still be shutdown successfully from Windows Services.

The MAJOR PROBLEM is because when IS is shutdown forcefully, it will certainly hit the “FSData full consistency check is being performed” steps during server start ups again. The IS and Broker subscribe and publish effort might not be insync anymore.

The simple, graceful shutdown task of server now becomes a MUST MONITOR effort.

The Recovery Tab is on the Windows service that runs the IS instance. It is external to webMethods, and not related to why IS does not shutdown completely.

I was taking a shot in the dark with pevee’s problem that perhaps the service control manager was automatically restarting the service–which it will do if 1) the Recovery is set to restart; 2) IS is shutdown using IS Administration (service manager thinks the app failed). This is easy to notice, though, as the server log will indicate that things are starting up again.

We are all Unix here but I have seen this happen a few times before on our Solaris boxes. Usually in our case it was because the system(IS) was not quiet, something running that can’t be controlled or something hung which will not let the server shutdown gracefully. I have never seen any problems with consistency check though. It always runs without any issues.

Look for running services, look for hung services. I would also check for conditions that may have changed that are causing shutdowns services to hang or fail.