Does e-Mail protocol support OLE objects in the e-Mail message?

Does e-Mail protocol support OLE objects in the e-Mail message?

Here is what we are doing, we get help desk calls through e-Mails, for this we configured the port and it invokes the flow service in that service we use createmimeData

to get the e-Mail message content, this is working with normal text e-Mails and normal attachments to e-Mail.

when we get the screenshot(OLE object) in the e-Mail, it is failing.

First i want to know 6.1 supports e-Mail protocol with OLE objects?

I appeciate if anybody have some comments.


Why, oh why are you sending screenshots through Integration Server?


Thanks for quick reply, developed when help desk creates service requests , sometimes they embed screenshots in the e-Mail(it is not working), in general we recieve helpdesk tickets from .net application through e-Mail we extract that message and send it to the some third party software , then it will get assigned to the right persons(in the support team).

In case of embeding the image it is failing in the flow while converting into ObjectStream to bytes and then into String.

do you mean to say it is not possible to send OLE objects through the IS.


Converting the e-mail to a string would seem to be the wrong thing to do. Your receiving service is going to need to determine how to process a body part based on its content type.

No, I’m sure it’s possible, but am not sure that sending screenshots through IntegrationServer to some other application is a good use of IS.