Documents Page is blank in MWS

Hi ,

We are not able to see documents in MWS eventhough documents logging is enabled and wMLogUtil , wMMonitor packages are enabled. Suddenly it stopped working. Documents page is blank in MWS. Is anybody advise on this please?

Satish Devineni

What documents are you talking? you mean process instance or regular flow service auditing enabled document transactions?

Also has anything changed in your env and anything shows in the IS logs and try restart IS/MWS if you are sure settings wise nothing changed.Please check with your wM admins as well to troubleshoot more:


It is for monitoring the ISDocuments in MWS for normal flow services(Not related to process models) under Monitoring tab


did you check the WMDOCUMENT table in repo DB?
if there is no row, it’s a normal.


I have checked WMDOCUMENT table. It is having so many rows as shown below. Do I have to delete them?

select count(*) from WMDOCUMENT;



Please don’t do that.

when you click the documents, MWS calls ws.monitor.document:getList BIS in IS Monitor package.
i think too many table rows cause the trouble.
so using search options may help you.
if trouble recurs, please share the full.log in MWS.