Documents are failing with blank getLastError message.

Dear Friends,

Sometimes documents are failing by throwing below error(getLastError). Is it because of server memory issue? please advise. Thanks

Error Service : %/lastError/service%
Error Type : %/lastError/errorType%
Error : %/lastError/error%
Erro Detail : %/lastError/errorDump%


Are you using any transformer for any list element in the document? Make use of indexes properly…

Try with step run if you can regenerate the issue.

Are you using EXIT flow and signal failure? If so, I’ve seen cases where this style of error raising will not populate the error structure retrieved by getLastError. An approach I’ve used is create a Java service which accepts a message. In the service throw a ServiceException using the input message. That will populate the error structure.

Thanks for quick replies.
After further investigation, we found that we are getting these kind of errors on below situations.

  1. when server loaded with lot of documents
  2. documents with big attachments

Currently we have NOT set watt.server.keepAliveTimeout, shall we set watt.server.keepAliveTimeout=180000 ? does it helps?

ajaynaina: we are not using transformer

amolchauhan: All faied documents are successfully processed after resubmting by using documentid. step run also processing successfully.

reamon: we are not using the exist flow.

Dear Friends,

Good day.
We are using WM 6.0.1, JVM 1.3.1 and OS on 32 bit.
set JAVA_MIN_MEM=1500M
set JAVA_MAX_MEM=1500M
and garbage collector (System.GC()) scheduler is running every 10mins

Shall I increase the MIN and MAX to 1800M and GC scheduler to every 1min?
Shall I put one more WM server in Production?

Please someone advice on this as many documents are failing every day. Thank you very much.


Are there any entries in the logs indicating a memory issue? If not, changing the memory settings will not help.

I see that a old, old version of IS and the JVM is in use. Plans should be made as soon as possible to update so that you can get support from SAG when you need it.