Document with Date object field and Developer testing

I have a document structure which has an object constrained at a java.util.Date type. Is it possible to test a service that requires that field to be filled in Developer? Can the value be set through the “input pane”?

I think it likes you JVM current locale specific format. Running on the east coast my input looks like:

05/22/2003 4:57:00 EST

Hi Fred, I tried using that format (as I’m EST too) but I still get an error. I’ve attached a screen shot.


I am running IS 6.0.1 with Developer Version 6.0.1 (425).

I can cut and paste the string from my previous post into the Developer input dialog. I tried it with a single data field and with the date field inside a Document.

Hi, David.

Try creating a Java service that instantiates the java.util.Date object and outputs the object as a String. Run the service using CTRL-R and look at the results.

The outputted date will be in the expected format and you can use that format to plug into your example above.

More information on the Date object is available from Sun at [url=“Oracle Java Technologies | Oracle”]Oracle Java Technologies | Oracle.

Hi All,

Thanks for your help! I had decided to use java typing for my document fields but I noticed that in a map, it’s not possible to directly map a string field containing a number from one document to a integer java object type. Did I do something wrong? If this is “by design”, I guess I would need to write java services to do stringToInteger, stringToDate, etc and vice-vera.

Is that the way to go?