Document Type on TN

Can anyone give advice on configuring an UNEDIFACT Document Type on TN, which is not available for download?

I need to register an UNEDIFACT document type on TN, which is not available for download.

If I manually create an entry on TN for an UNEDIFACT message it does not work because TN is expecting a XML file.

Could you confirm how I could register a document on TN for an UNEDIFACT message?

Many thanks

Did you searched EDI templates in Advantage account with your company provided username and password for webmethods software downlaods.

If not you can contact webmethods support for downloading information for UNEDIFACT templates and install those templates in the integration server using copy templates service in wmEDI package and using the Admin console,
go to Packages/wmEDIForTN and click the logo then it will prompt you the new page which will directly install the EDI document types that will show up after you copied the downloaded templates(X12 or UNEDIFACT)…

Use that wmEDIForTN package tool for installing any EDI documents in the TNServer.