document type in developer

Hello webMethods experts,
Im am still try to learn as much webMethods i can.
I have one concept problem, I need help.
If anyone can help that will be very good.I read pdf but its not a lot of help.

I Understand you need to make document type in developer.
There are many places where you can make document type but I want to know what situation we make document type in developer???

One situation i know is when we need to convert or transform documents…but how we use document type in doing transformation?

I know there is a doc type trading networks and broker publishable doc type.
But i want to know about the developer doc type. Because this confuse me more.
Someone please help.

Sri Madan.

can anyone please help?


I like to think that document types are analogous to an object in Java with the contents of them strings etc being attributes. This allows you to uniformly pass a structure between flow services with an explicit contract on what the structure is comprised of, they are also useful as the targets of transformations.

Where you would normally define a data structure or message type for inter service communication or the modelling of a real world object. This is a good candidate for a document type. They also have the advantage of making a system easier to maintain as you can change a structure of a data object in only one place in the code with minimal impact on the services which use it.

Wow. Noone responded after just 20 minutes, and you felt you needed to post a reminder? How rude.

I have read your posts,
you are also an expert.
Can you help explain please?
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  • stand-alone defined documents are required by services connected to triggers,
  • WmPublic/pub.xml:xmlNodeToDocument.documentTypeName points to document definition.
  • JMSAdapter notification service generates its own document,
  • its earsier to write something reusable with stand-alone defined documents,
  • simple inheritance and composition/agregation can be implemented using stand-alone defined documents,
  • using stand-alone documents is a must in huge EAI projects (we are using atrificial Cannonical Busines Model and Common Busines Entities on enterprise service level, and many sets of native documents in logical adpaters to different 26 EIS systems)
  • etc, etc