document type from xsd, how to handle changes in xsd

hi all

we are using wm96 (with no fixes)

this is regarding document type generated from xsd.

how to handle the changes in xsd, how to refresh my document type to match with the new xsd?

any help is appreciated. looks like this is not supported from wm, but wanted to check with forum for confirmation

thanks and regards
ajay kumar kasam

This has to be done manually. Rename or delete the existing document (do not update usages) and regenerate the newer one including the changes in XML schemas.

Lets watch this thread to see what others say. :slight_smile:

Yes, what Mahesh said is right.


looks to be the one way to do it manually

  • delete old ones
  • create new ones with same name
  • use find references, find dependents, inline pipeline references to find and fix if any broken references

if any better solution, please update this space

Yes, there is a way to do this in future but it might take time.

Raise a feature request brainstorm in empower :slight_smile:

Yes, we should raise these as concerns through which SAG identifies and try to implement.