Document ref to itself

what are the scenarios in which one would use a document reference to itself?

also, is there any advantage of creating a document type reference versus a document type when creating a new document type?


With using DocumentReference(ex:PO_Ref(PO record) )so, if we make any changes in the original document type structure(PO record) ,then it will automatically reflect changes in the mapping flows used by DocumentReference structure and just we need to map with some additional fields added or removed in the document structure.

This behaviour is very advantage in some cases and also has disadvantages to some extent,

Adv:if we make changes in the original record itself ,then it will reflect all the corresponding maps where ever the DocumentReferences(PO record) was used.

DisAdv: if we are mapping this PO info for different interfaces or partners which has their individual business requirement then we have to put diff way.In this case we may have to use option calling DocumentType in the each flow.

May be some more tuning required for my explantion,Hope some one else can chim on this.

thanks RMG