document not sent to target system

We have a scenario where

  1. XML is sent from a external partner to a service onto our wm environment
  2. the service forwads the xml to wm TN.
  3. Tn Processing rule invokes a service which does some calculations and will be sending the output to target system.


In TN we are looking couple of documents received at the sametime(doc1, doc2). Both the documents activity logs looks fine. But doc1 is not being sent to target system. Instead doc2 is sent twice.

( Is it due to the service which is invoked by processing rule , which takes long time to do the processing.? )

Can anybody help me out in solving this issue. Thanks in advance.

I will suggest having another look at the svc invoked by the processing rule…

Or, Tell us more about that svc :slight_smile:

we have the issue only when documents come into TN at the same time stamp.

The service(which is invoked by proc rule) consists of couple of mapping steps and the java service which is used to send the data to target system.

There is repet step(3 times, if fail->retries) under which this java service is placed.

how is the java svc sending the response?

See to me, the interesting thing is that the doc2 is sent twice!!!

Were you able to recreate the issue in development? that way, you can add logging steps along the way to figure out where the issue lies…

Can you post the Java code that makes up your delivery service? Are there any static vars in there?


We were unable to replicate the same in dev server. This is happening in Prod only, when TN recives both the docs at the same timestamp.

There are couple of static variables in our java service.

What are those static vars? Would the multi-threaded use of those explain the behavior you’re seeing? For example, doc 1 starts being processed and sets one of the vars. Then execution switches to doc 2, which changes that var. Then doc 1 thread resumes and now uses doc 2 data.

Just a wild guess.

It would help us debug it better if you could post the java code?