Document not saving in the TN Database.

HI Everybody,

i want to send an XML document to partner from TN using Primary HTTPS.
when i run a service to send the document to TN, not seeing in the transactions.I also verified ,it was not saved in TN data base.
I have done the following steps for sending the document to trading partner.

  1. my IS service. IS Document to Bizdoc) (routing to TN)
    2.Created a doctype in TN.
    3.Created a Processing rule in TN to deliver the document to Partner.
    Action Tab in processing rule : deliver by (selected the delivery service =Primary HTTPS)
    After execution of the service i am not seeing this transaction in TN Transactions.
    I observed that bizdoc in the pipeline persist?=false.
    Also in the pipe line i am getting the service output document as
    status message=OK


I am not seeing any error log or server log.

what is reason for the document not saving in the Data base.?
Can any body please help me to resolve this issue?


Check the TN doc type and the processing rule to verify that those components indicate that the document content is to be saved.

Thanks for your replay.
I was not set the save document to database option in preprocessing tab in processing rule.
Now i figured it out and saw the transaction in TN.