Doc No in service transformHierarchtToFlat

Hello All,
Can anybody know how the doc No in service transformHierarchyToFlat gets generated while sending idoc to SAP.

I am facing some issue with this .Can somebody share this info.

Thanks in Advance


Basically you have to either map it from source doc or generate a something unique no(sequence number that SAP accepts) to create the EDI_DC40/DOCNUM.

transformHierarchyToFlat service won’t create it out of box.


Hi Rmg,
Thanks for response .I am not passing any unique no either or mapping some number to service for generation of doc no.

The service transformHierarchtToFlat itself is generating the constant number everytime i run the service for field EDI_DC40/DOCNUM .I am not knowing from where this number gets picked up.

Any suggestions/ideas welcome.