DMS and flow service

I was wondering if we can access a DMS like Alfresco from a flow/java service.
The only documentation I have found about accessing DMS is “Implementing_CSP_for_BPM”.
It talks about the CSP (Content Service Platform) to access such repositories but only within a BPM.
Can CSP be used from the IS through a flow/java service or is there any adapter (or something else) that enables us to access a document from an IS (without needing a BPM)?


Notes : I am still using the 8.2.2 version…

I had done a similar implementation in a previous project of 8.2.2, integrating to CSP (Brain Tribe), the CSP team provided us with jars which contains classes for manipulating documents including uploading, downloading.
I think 8.2.2 has no built in functionality to integrate with CSP, you will have to use Java API for this purpose.

Thank you! That is a good news.
I was indeed thinking about using Java API for this purpose.
About those jars. They are not present within an IS install lib dir or somewhere else?
Maybe the use of CSP requires a specific licence?

Yes the CSP which we used did required a license.
No the jars were given to us by that team itself.