Displaying query results

I have created an adapter that selects a set of data from a table. I want to display this result on a dsp page.

it is working when i’m invoking the adapter on the page.

but i’m using a invoke the wrapper where i’ve put the adapter, i don’t have any output.

can anyone suggest me the best way to display the results of a query on a dsp page? Please.

Hi Assad,

Check if you have the output of the adapter service as the output of the wrapper service that you are invoking from the dsp. The dsp gets the values to be displayed from the service that it invokes.


Thank you Vamshi. I wanted to display the values from the adapter, properly in a table way.

Can you give me the steps please?

My 2 variables are environment and branchplant (output from the adapter query).

Please refer the DSPandTemplatesDevGuide.pdf.
This guide explains clearly everything you can do using dsp.

you can find the document at:

or you can find it on
under Bookshelf > Product Documentation > webMethods Developer.

Thanks very much. am working on it :slight_smile:

You can use %loop% command to loop over elements of adapter output and display in tabular format using proper HTML tags.