Creating Adapter Services Using webMethods Service Designer


This document provides the text for the procedures covered in the video “Create an Adapter Service” that is available on:

Problem Statement

Create an adapter service to fetch the details of an employee whose employee ID is 100 from the database.

Steps Involved

  • Obtain a trusted database driver
  • Create a JDBC connection in webMethods Integration Server
  • Create an adapter service using the JDBC connection to fetch the list of employees from the database

Creating a JDBC Connection

  1. Obtain trusted database driver
  2. Place the database driver under: “Install_location\IntegrationServer\packages\WmJDBCAdapter\code\jars”
  3. Launch webMethods Service Designer
    1. Open the administrator view. (Right click on Default, select Open Administrator View).
    2. Click Adapters > webMethods Adapter for JDBC.
    3. Click Configure New Connection.
    4. Select the connection type, webMethods Adapter for JDBC Connection.
    5. Configure the connection details under the Configure Connection Type page.
    6. Click Save Connection.
    7. On the webMethods Adapter for JDBC Connection page, enable the connection by selecting Yes from the Enabled column.

Creating an Adapter Service

  1. Create a new package:
    1. Click File > New > Package.
    2. Type the package name as HR.
  2. Create a new folder in the package:
    1. Click File > New > Folder.
    2. Type the folder name as dept.
  3. Create a new adapter service in the folder:
    1. Click File > New > Adapter Service.
    2. Type the name of the flow service as GetEmpDetails and click Next.
    3. Select an Adapter type and click Next.
    4. Select an Adapter Connection Alias and click Next.
    5. Select a template and click Finish.

  1. Select the table name.
    1. Select the Tables tab.
    2. From the Table Name column, click .
    3. From the Adapter Tree Chooser screen, select HR > EMPLOYEES.
    4. Click OK.

  1. Populate the table content.
    1. Click the SELECT tab.
    2. Click  to populate the table rows.

The records from the EMPLOYEES table are displayed.

  1. Add a filter condition.
    1. Select the WHERE tab.
    2. Click  to add a filter condition.

  1. Executing the adapter service.
    1. Click File > Save All.
    2. Right click on the adapter service and select Run As > Run Service.
    3. In the Input for Adapter Service wizard, enter the filter condition as “employee ID=100”.
    4. Click OK.

The employee details based on the filter condition are displayed under the Results tab.

Creating Adapter Services Using webMethods Service Designer.pdf (465 KB)