Discussion of potential change/enhancements

Where should we best post suggestions for product enhancements, if we want to discuss them with other users before submitting a CE request? We could do it as a post under the specific product categories, or you could make a general thread for enhancement discussions?


If you are an existing Software AG customer (and so have access to ServLine24) then there is an procedure for submitting and viewing change enhancements in ServLine24.

If you do not have access to this, or want to have a more general discussion on a proposal first, then I would suggest that this discussion takes place in the appropriate product / subject forum.

I believe many user groups now incorporate C/E discussion as a regular feature of each meeting. The VLNUG/VLDBUG meetings have this, as do all North American SAGGroup meetings. The EntireX User Group also reviews C/Es for that product as well.

As was mentioned, please use the enhancement request system in Servline24 in order to start the process. I don’t think C/Es are discussed (usually) if they aren’t in the system.


Brian Johnson
SAGGroup, North American Area Rep.

Yes, I know the procedure very well. As I wrote the question was where to discuss CE topics BEFORE posting them (or before discussing them at the UG). Sometimes user to user discussions may give a solition without having to post a ER (Enhancement Request). When discussing CE’s on the UG the participants are not always quite aware of the background of a certain CE, therefore the voting may be based on guesses or feelings rather than an understanding of the subject.
Of cause there won’t be done any enhancements just based on what is written in this forum, it is very important to post an ER if the subject is ment for implementation - allthough I certainly hope that Software AG reads these posts, there is in fact valuable information among them.

Henrik Hermansen
Vice president of EMEA NPUG

I would recommend, to PRE-discuss CEs under the appropriate category rather than open a new one for CE PRE-discussion.
best regards Karlheinz :slight_smile: