Disapointement with Optimize ...

Hi all,

(in addition to this thread)

I did a “proof of value” with some SAG pre-sale engineers about optimize (v7) and … the result is quite poor :

  • painful installation : 5 bugs raised during the 1st week,
  • we are still not able to start Optimize for process at all as it creating a mess on our target IS
  • Nothing about port’s usage (number of queued message for a gateway for example, number of processed messages) …
  • I didn’t found anything about internal pools (TN, IS, …) … I don’t understand as I was able to retrieve those information for my very own monitoring
  • Nothing about threads : ok we got the global number of threads (but I already got them), but nothing about CRON’s pool, scheduler’s one, or any other internal figures.
  • nothing about JVM internals (GC statistics, …)

So all in all, I’m really disappointed as I was very excited with this tool and I’m was expecting lot of additional figures vs my very own home made, especially for IS internal figures that created problem for us in the past … but I got less :mad:

As said, it’s only a pre-study and I need to investigate more deeply (especially around port) … but the time is running a we are spending times on bug fighting which again VERY DISAPPOINTING as I was with SAG peoples :angry:.

Is someone got a better experiences ?
Are you able to retrieve IS internal (especially about threading management).
Did you faced lot of bug ?