Differnce between Flow.xml and node.ndf

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Can anybody please let me know the differnce between the Flow.xml and node.ndf… I am sure that if anyone of them goes missing the service will not execute. correct me please if i am wrong.

Ragav J

node.ndf will contain the input & output signature of the service.
flow.xml will contain the actual flow steps.


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For java service we have “java.frag” files in addition to “node.ndf”.Can someone throw light on it ?


node.idf → Describes input , output signature of the service like field_name , field_type etc…

java.frag → This is to make your java source code available/viewable to others or not (kind of security).
Try to download “java.frag” file onto your system and delete this file and refresh developer session. You will not be able to view the code for the java service which you had written.

Try this and njoy !!

Sudheer Martha.

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apart from the above
node.ndf says what kind of an artifact the element is - java service, flow service, document, trigger, folder etc
flow.xml - is the actual xml representation of the flow service.
java.frag - This is actually a compiled version of the java service, it points to the actual class file. IS and Developer some how use this to extract the java code to show it in the developer.


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