Different types of encryptions?

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I would like to know the different types of encryptions. Actually, we are FTPing a flatfile before sending it we would like to store the flatfile in a database as a encrypted file and also send it as a encrypted file and also the options to decrypt it. Please suggest atleast 4 ways as our team has to decide the best possible thing.

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check the “MIME-S/MIME Developer’s Guide”
webMethods Integration Server supports RC2, TripleDES, and DES encryption
algorithms. RC2 lets you specify a key length of 40, 64, or 128. TripleDES uses a key length
of 192. DES uses a key length of 64 (in US versions of the product) or 40 (in non-US
versions of the product).

Hi David,
Following are the encryption you can use.

  1. Hash based encryption (HBE Algorithm).
  3. SMIME
  4. PGP

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I am trying to Encrypt a JSON file. I am pretty new to webMethods. I saw in previous posts what all type of encryption are available. I am trying to use RC2. Can someone please help me out where to find the required API? I have the trail version of Software AG and m not able to find any relevant API.