Different Port Names for the Same Service

When i deploy a virtual service to a mediator, the portName of the mediator’s WSDL is generated by the mediator using the protocol details of the virtual service. This name also includes the target name itself. Hence, when i deploy a service to more than one mediator, the different WSDLs of the service from the different mediators, will have different PortNames.
Clients configured to consume one WSDL thus, cannot be used again for the other WSDL with a different portName, without code changes.

Any suggestions on avoiding client side code changes for this scenario ?


Hi Cacao,
I do not understand the use of more than one mediator and virtualize one service to different-2 mediator.
I think one mediator is enough and visualization of any webservice is one place is enough.
Please elaborate your requirement.


Hi Vikas,
I want to deploy the same virtual service to different mediators, with different endpoints. Since the service will be deployed typically in three environments viz., dev, qa and prod, i would want to have a mediator for each environment, while having a single instance of centrasite. The same virtual service will be deployed to each mediator by with a change in its endpoint in the processing steps.