Different inputs to REST service

Hi All,
I did work on REST, the input is xmlNode. I wanted to know what are different input types to REST, how to pass them through REST client.Kindly share your knowledge to understand it more deeply.


Hi Nabi,

If you are asking different ways of passing data via REST, then you can use XML, JSON, ATOM, etc. But if your REST service is on Integration server then I would suggest you to either go with XML or JSON with respective contentTypes set in the request header so that they will be presented correctly to your REST service using out of box content handlers.

Generally, it is not a practise to give “xmlNode” as input to REST services. Try creating REST resources using webmethods way by right clicking on designer’s package navigator and using context menu options.

You can get more details from “9-8_REST_Developers_Guide.pdf”. Do spend some time reading this document as it explains pretty much what you need to know and it has just got 25 pages