difference in submission from partner and resubmission from

Hello all,
Can you help me identify the difference in submitting a request to B2B from a partner ( in this case ES server/broker) and resubmitting it from the TN?

This is in context of the problem I am facing in convertToString service. it throws an exception while submitted from broket thru doc tracker. but works fine when resubmitted from TN. Even when submitted from broker, it works fine once and throws error the next time. This happens alternately.

The error is ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException in method addrelChar() of EDIConverter.java file that is a built in service being used by edi.java (wmEDI package).

Will appriciate your prompt response.


There could be a number of differences but the main one that I can think of is the content is contained within the bizdoc when you invoke a flow/service from a processing rule. Have you saved the pipeline to validate the content?
pub.flow.savePipeline and