Difference between TREENODE2 and TREENODE3?

Is there any difference between TREENODE2 and TREENODE3? I’m just asking because there are both expressions in the developer guide…


…yes, TREENODE3 contains some more functions (that are not relevant for normal usage ;-)…). Please use TREENODE3 (this is the one offered in the layout editor). TREENODE2 is compatible (for exisiting users).


Thanks for your answer.

But using TREENODE3 causes sometimes problem on scrolling, e.g. the font-size seems to become bigger on the line which was selected previously.

…oops, should not happend (+ I cannot reproduce, but that’s what any development folks tells).

You are allowed to use TREENODE2, you have to manually put it into the XML layout, but it works fine.