Difference between integration developer and BPM developer

Hi All

Can anybody tell me what is the difference between certified in integration developer and certified in BPM developer… What is the main difference between integration and BPM… Since I am very new webMethods please explain me in detail:(

I am not sure of the actual requiements to be certified in each, but there is a difference between the two.

A integration developer uses the basic WebMethods Integration Server / Broker / Trading Networks / MyWebMethods to design, build and monitor services that integrate disparate software systems. A certified webMethods integrator would be an expert in these area.

A BPM developer (Buisness Process Modeling/Management) designs and implements entire business processes in the WebMethods Designer and MyWebMethods products. This is an extension of the skills you need to have learned to be an integration developer. The process models you develop in BPM require Integration Server development skill to implement. I’m assuming a certified BPM developer needs to be an expert in developing process models, human work flow

Does that help at all? This is probably a more “corporate” preferred description for SAG but I think that is the basic difference.

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