Difference between Adabas versions 7.1.3 and 7.4.4

My project is basically a migration project. Its the conversion of Adabas version 7.1.3 to 7.4.4. So i just wanted to know what is the basic difference in the versions.
please post any links or any documents reagarding it.

Thanks in advance.

Hi Mind4,

Seems your upgrading process happening on older versions of Adabas. The latest version is Adabas 8.2.2 for Mainframe and 8.1.4 is pre-version of it. The documentation for these is available on SAG site.

If you are working for an SAG customer, you should have a user log-in/password to access https://empower.softwareag.com/ where you can get older version documentation.

This was not a particularly challenging upgrade when we did it. There were some changes occurring that may affect you depending on which optional add-on features you happen to use. I recall some changes specifically dealing with SMP / Parallel Services that didn’t matter if you weren’t using multiple read nukes.

The ability to use more than 2 PLOG datasets was introduced in version 7.4.4 which you may want to explore if you will eventually go to version 8 where UEX2 is no longer supported.

As Ats recommended, please check out the Adabas 7.4.4 release notes, as it contains just about all the changes since 7.1.3. You can find this in Empower.