Developer tenant

Hello Everyone,

We now have an Agileapps tenant for all the agileapps users from where you can download content and also contribute content for other developers.

This tenant gives you a place to upload resources, categorize them, and search for them. A lot more content is on the way, so keep watching the tenant as and when you want help with Javascripts or custom Java or custom JSP pages and lots more.

As a member, you’ll be able to browse resources and add new ones, and you’ll get a notification whenever a new resource is uploaded.

Use the link below

Gaurav Jain

This sounds like a fantastic resource!

When I clicked on the link, I was asked to submit the following information:

First Name
Last Name
Email Address
User Name
Time Zone

I entered all of the information, and the CAPTCHA, but I was brought back to the same page to enter the same information.

I entered the same information, in case I had done something wrong, then I received a message that the username was already chosen, and I should choose the login option.

However, there is no login option.

Not sure how to proceed.


After I sent the last message, I see that I received an email with a temporary password to log into the site.

So everything is good now, I was able to get logged into the site.

But you should add a message about this email, so people don’t get confused by the process.