Digital Marketplace

Issue 1, 2016

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Accelerate your time-to-value with development essentials 

Need inspiration for your next innovation? Take a look at Digital Marketplace—the online hub for tools and solutions built for the Digital Business Platform. The marketplace is all about accelerating your launch of differentiating software applications by providing one place with development essentials, solution accelerators, business process models and other time-saving assets from Software AG and our partners.

Who needs Marketplace? You do

Marketplaces are not a new concept. And while there are similarities with app stores, marketplaces are most certainly not app stores either. To further complicate matters, different marketplaces are run by very different organizations and for very different reasons. But marketplaces are needed to bring innovation from all corners of an ecosystem into one place for easy consumption by anyone. By giving an equal platform for all software innovators, large and small, marketplaces are the great equalizer of the modern software industry.

So why has Software AG launched Digital Marketplace and why now? Well, the Digital Business Platform has added a new development paradigm to software—the rapid and continuous innovation of differentiating applications. The innovations by our partner ecosystem have been so swift we felt they deserved a forum—one that works equally well for all partners, large or small, global or local.

In a nutshell, Software AG’s Digital Marketplace accelerates your time-to-value in leveraging our Digital Business Platform. It brings together Software AG and partner development tools and solutions in one easy-to-use online storefront. It’s open for everyone and free to use.

What you can find at Marketplace

You might be wondering “why should I take time out to look at this?” or “is Marketplace right for me?”

Digital Marketplace has a wide range of listings applicable to a wide range of industries. Quick links to featured apps and other listings can quickly show you the types of partners committed to the marketplace. You’ll also get a flavor of Software AG’s own listings, such as business apps built in webMethods AgileApps or Apama Capital Markets development libraries. If you have a project underway and need to speed things up, you can easily filter by industry, product and listing type to quickly see if there is something for you.

Are you looking for a repository of detailed end-to-end manufacturing business processes? Do you need that repository to seamlessly drop into your existing ARIS deployment? Do you need coverage of major functional areas like R2D, D2P, P2P, O2C, inventory management, warehouse management or quality management? Then look no further than Capgemini Manufacturing Process Models on Digital Marketplace.

Need a proven and highly scalable webMethods monitoring tool? One that is lightweight and can be installed in days then scale to thousands of webMethods servers? Check out SolidMon from Solid Reason.

Still not sure what you can find at Digital Marketplace? Watch the video by CCO Eric Duffaut.

Don’t miss what’s new

Digital Marketplace is a vibrant community with an ever-increasing number of Software AG and partner listings but it’s an evolving community at the start of a journey. The more you get involved, the more partners will join, the more listings will be posted and the more value it will deliver back to the entire community.

You can stay in touch in four ways:

  1. Follow TECHniques newsletters to receive updates on important new listings or offers
  2. Keep an eye out for our Partner Showcase webinar series where you get see live demos of hot new solutions
  3. Keep in touch on social media and follow us  @SoftwareAG
  4. Partner listings are added every month—so check  occasionally and see what’s new

And finally, a request from us to you: Software AG’s Digital Marketplace is new, and we welcome your feedback and advice. So tell us what you think. Is the content relevant to you? Is the site intuitive to use? Would you like to see more of something and less of something else? We’d love to hear from you. Contact us at

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