Developer Running Slow


I have a pc with 1.5 gb ram , 80 Gb hard disk and 1.83 dual core processcor, But when I run devoloper its running very slow , very few times it works fine but most of the times it is very slow .
When it is slow it takes too much time to play in devoloper
I have even made changes to in server.bat file


But it did not help

I will be waiting for your replys

Hi Nani

The IS and the Developer are in the same machine? If not could this be a network problem?
There is any Firewall in the middle?

Also your IS and Developer are from the same version and SP level?

If you start your developer with debug 10 (console) can you see what are the steps that are taking a lot of time?

Other suggestion is isolating the products. Try to access with this developer to other IS (other machine) or install the developer in other machine and access to your IS
This can show you if it’s a problem on the IS or Developer

Hope this helps

You mention you made changes in the server.bat - do you mean the developer.bat? Developer has its own batch file that you can configure the RAM it will use.

Additionally, you can start Developer.bat with the -debug option - that will allow you to see if it is posting errors due to a faulty installation or other problem.

Thanks For your replys

FYI: this is a personal system and i am running both IS and Developer on the same box. Also, I disabled the firewalls, & AntiVirus as well.

even I have set the Ram to 512M in devoloper.bat file , It did not help.


If you are running local IS and connecting via Developer generally it should be fast…

Try this changes in the developer.bat and see if this helps.
set JAVA_MAX_MEM=1028M

BTW,what are you playing in the developer,browsing large IS doctypes (like OAG BOD’s or PIP’s or EDI etc… or huge complex flows??


Your configurations seem good (based on a “normal” utilization)

I think you must check the version of your IS and developer (they should have the same version) and update to the last SP + fixes available on installer / advantage

Probably you should have this problem when working with some type of operation:

Working with JDBC Pools, Triggers, Documents ,
You should identify If there is any usual situation that can cause you this

As last suggestion you can make a thread dump on the developer or run the developer with log 10 and see what is happening.


Thanks for the response.

I wasnt doing large file handling or any JDBC stuff in the flowservices. All the logic involved is very basic and i dont see the flowservice code has any affect on this becos Developer is running slow from the point it is opened.

I tried putting the log level to 10 in the developer.bat but i dont see any unusual thing happening. anyways, will try it again.

Any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


Increase memory allocation is the way which can speed up your developer and we all did the same it worked,and see if someother program/exec eating your local sys memory and causing developer slow.Also make sure you have all the Developer6.1 SP’s installed,a worth while to check in Advantage site.Just in dark.


I’m assuming you’re running Windows on your laptop and that all processes, including IS, Developer and any databases, are local. With your RAM and processor, that should give you excellent performance. First, what versions of IS and Developer are you running? Some patch levels of IS 6.0.1 did a DNS lookup that could slow down performance. If you’re using IS 6.1, I believe the latest service packs include some fixes for problems related to Developer performance. Check your CPU usage. If IS is hogging a lot of the CPU that will cause Developer to run slowly. There could be an issue with auditing or logging that is behind this. Check Advantage for ‘developer slow’ and you will find a number of SR’s related to this issue. HTH,