Very slow Developer & TN Console

Hi there everyone,
We have IS 64 bit 7.1.1 on Solaris 9.

Is there a setting i change to make these more responsive?
For some reason these two components are very slow when responding to any operation.
I have the IS JVM heap increase to 2 gigs.

Anything else?

The network is fine , everything else is quite responsive, PING works like charm.

What do you think might be bogging the connections down?
Please help
-Jess !

I have the exact same configuration (Solaris 9 64bit with IS 7.1.1) and am experiencing the same issues. Please let me know if you find a solution to this, and I will do the same.

What JVM are you using? Are you using a 64bit JVM? Can you post your file (only the configurable items)?

If you are using a 64bit JVM then I would try it with a 32bit JVM, as depending on the nature of your application this can actually work better…

I’ve tried 32 and 64 bit JVMs, and a minimal installation out of the box. It seems it probably is related to network issues and/or our F5 load balancer since another server not behind an F5 is ok.