Developer 7.1.1 - JVM crashes


I’ve been facing some problems with Developer 7.1.1 as it crashes frequently. It’s actually the JVM which closes down, and dumps a hs_err_pid____.log file on the Developer directory. I’ve attached one example.

As far as I can see the problem is with the awt.dll actually.

Any clues? I’m running this on a VMWare virtual desktop, not sure if this is related?

Jorge Sousa
hs_err_pid3980.log (9.31 KB)

Hi Jorge, are you running any native code? For example, .NET package or anything else that may access a DLL or EXE processes?
This can crash JVM.



Hi Jorge,

If you running any Native code, non java code or calling any native code libraries through Integraton server, it can crash your JVM.Defects in Native code also can crash the JVM. so please check that how you are calling awt.dll?