Developer 4.6.1 - Unable to restorePipelineFromFile

I can savePipelineToFile without any problems but when trying to do a restorePipelineFromFile the following error is thrown:

Would appreciate any help.

Hmm had a similar error myself when trying to restore a pipeline created from a Trading Networks flow. I believe there was more to the error message than just In all likelyhood you are trying to restore using a class that is not in your classpath. Verify that the relevant classpaths are present either in the system classpath or stick them in the /bin/integrator.bat or files in the ADDCLASSES section. In my case I had to add tncore.jar and editn.jar. Hope this helps.

Thanks. Once I finally track down these .jar files, I haven’t been successful yet, I’ll add them to integrator.bat and see if that clears up the problem.