determine cics taskid from hold queue

A cics transaction has issued a hold on an ISN. If is display the hold queue, it
shows something like this:

ADAN08 00085 2007-05-19 18:50:42 FILE=119,ISN=164173,USER=000011A0

Is there a way from this info to determine which cics task has issued the hold?

Hi Craig,

the usernumber 11A0 is the internal number, you will see this internal number also when you display the active users of the Userqueue (DUQA).

Unfortunally the operator command displays do not show as many details as possible. With AOS you get more information from the userqueue display. There you can see the 28byte communication id.

I hope this helps,



DUQ/DAUQ/DUQA should all give you terminal Id (TID). You can then use SYSTP > E > U to find the ID of this Natural User.