CICs user id translation


We are busy doing an investigation where batch abended due to a user holding the file. During contention, the command DFILES=39 was issued to display the offending user.
The command returned:
File= 00039,ACC=0001
used by PSPBCICS(008531A8)

Is there a way to use this info to get the user id holding the file i.e. PSPBCICS(008531A8)? Our cics region is named PSPBCICS.


Hi Kugh,

Take the value within the parentheses and fill it into the DUQE oper.cmd:

This may reveal a CICS userid for you.

BTW - Adabas Online Services / Adabas Basic Services (SYSAOS/ABS) may also help you here.

It may also show you a CICS terminal-id or CICS task-number (for non-terminal tasks). I’m not sure this is possible with oper.cmds.