How to know user have in hold a reg (NAT3145)


there is some Natural Utility in SYSEXT or similar than could tell me who is the user than have a register in hold?

we have several batch process whit NAT3145 and we can’t identifiy the user (process) cause hold.

Assuming you are running Natural 8.2 on a mainframe, see USR8202.

Unfortunately, no.

Versión: 4.2 / 0007

Any other option?

You will need to issue a “special L2” (ACBX) call to retrieve that information yourself as per the Adabas documentation
Special L2 Command Call for Response 145

Great!, but how i could do that special call from Natural code when ON-ERROR 3145 occurs?

Unfortunately there is no easy way from within Natural, so you’d have to resort to calling
an Assembler, COBOL etc. direct call program from your ON ERROR.

Are you in a position to create this ?

If not I’ll probably provide one to the community in a couple of days.

I would aprecciate if you could do that for me.


Which operating system / TP monitor are we talking about here ?

First i have to get autorization for include this special call into the sistem.
I don’t want you work in vane.

Thanks for your time and information.