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We switched from developer to designer.

In old developer run command will launch current selected service.

In designer run command will launch again the last service, while for running current service you have to oen menu, select Run / Run As / Run Flow service

Is there a way to change this behavior and configure Run Flow Service directly (e.g. using key shortcuts)

Thank you


No, :smiley: welcome to the new Designer perspective world…

I have on option here. In the Designer Windows menu -->Preferences–>General–>Key section, you can find ‘Run Service’ & bind some shortcut (like ‘Tab’), apply the changes (Check attached screenshot). Later on, select any service in navigator or opened editor, click on shortcut key (‘Tab’), it will run the currently selected service :lol:

Let me know if it works for you…


It did not worked for me straight run…but will check again on your theory: :smiley:

OK it seems working Run service directly…you are right with keys :smiley:

Good to know that it’s works for you…


great tip, works fine!

thank you Prashant

Are they any other threads for designer tips? Or complains? :smiley:


Hmmm, not much aware of complains but definitely will try to provide solution/workaround if you have any more particular issues with the Designer or its usability :stuck_out_tongue:


Thank you personally: