I installed desinger 7.1 recently. I couldn’t be able to see the process in designer.
The attached file is an example. I added one pool and all i can see is a gray area. Is any one expereinced the same problem?
Any solution or advice would be appreciated.


Pool has a property check box “External”, which might cause your problem.

It is not working for both internal and external property.

I have installed Designer 7.1 (later 7.1.1) into a win 2000 SP4, for some reason i couldn’t be able to see the process in both releases (i have attached screen shots before on this thread).
Is any one having the same problem?


Checkout usages of webMethods Designer 8.x with examples and screenshots:

It will be hard to differentiate the actors if all swimlane are in grey color…

For update on the issue, in Software AG Designer 8,
there is an option to Choose color, right click in the pool (External or Internal) and click “Choose Swimlane Color”. You will find various color for your selection.

Happy coding everyone…