Designer VS Savvion - BPM

In what way wM Designer better than Savvion (BPM)?? can someone pls help me with that info??? We are planning to buy either the one products…appreciate your help

wM Designer (Eclipse based) is the best bet…I have handson user experience and it provides best inclass support for (full BPM/Human Work Flows,Web Services interaction(SOA),Composite Application/UI portlets (JSR-168 compliance) All-In-One prospective)…

Well with Savvion – no comments…

Include Tibco iProcess Suite aswell in your list of good tools esp for BPM+ wise…

Thank you very much for your recommendations…I just saw few info from SAVVION URL… If you have any info around this, pls do help me with your valuable suggestion…


“Two examples of EAI/B2Bi systems, which have tried to extend their products to incorporate BPM to meet growing customer demand and have failed, are webMethods and Mercator. Both tried initially to extend their systems with internally developed process functionality. After this approach failed in achieving the desired result, webMethods purchased IntelliFrame and Mercator announced an OEM relationship with Versata. Although the webMethods/IntelliFrame deal is now about one year old, webMethods still does not have a product to deliver to its customers and Mercator has yet to release BPM functionality.”

Their example is wrong** webMethods suite (now softwareAG) a B2Bi/EAI successfully Integrated seamless suite,now a fully matured BPM/SOA suite overall…A very long back itself voted by Researcher organizations like Gartner/ the best in class/in depth services for entire BPMS/SOA Governance/ESB based solutions compared to the other existing BPM+ tools in the IT market…


Thanks and appreciate it…


Hi RMG and Shanpeer,

Gartner or Forrester never rank any product at #1 or #2. They place them as Leaders, or Strong performers (Forrester) or Challengers(Gartner) etc. Savvion is always in the leader since the reports on BPM have been published and Software AG is kind of new entrant in BPM and placed considerably lower than Savvion. Please look into these reports from Gartner and Forrester.
Also due to their EAI background, acquisition of webMethods etc Software AG is not very “Human-centric” meaning it is not that suitable for modeling, simulaiting and solution development of human or business user focus processes but more of integration centric processes that do not have any human performers. And same is the story for TIBCO where as TIBCO is getting more human oriented.

Savvion on the other hand is very business user focused. So if you are looking into modeling, automating and optimizing processes with lot of people participation then Savvion is a much better bet. I would strongly recommend you to put it on your list. If you are doing system orchestration then you may want to evaluate SAG, Tibco, IBM etc.

Hope this helps.

Thanks for your Chim in…BpmMan.