Designer seeking Authentication credential

Hi All

I am trying to publish my task from designer to My webMethods. It is asking me to enter authentication credential for My webMethods before publishing. I entered the default admin username ‘Administrator’ and password ‘manage’, but could not publish successfully (i.e. that’s the usual username and password I use for My webMethods login).

I receive the below error:

faultString: [POP.003.0025] administrator cannot view the content of getdnlist_wm_pghelpers.; nested exception is:
com.webmethods.portal.PortalException: [POP.003.0025] administrator cannot view the content of getdnlist_wm_pghelpers.

Any pointers to the above issue?


You need to use sysadmin credentials while publishing something to MWS.

what is sysadmin credentials?? other than Administrator user in IS??

To publish to portel server we use sysadmin/manage. Its other than Administrator in MWS not IS.

It works with sysadmin/manage

Hello I am getting the same error, only the Designer does not ask me for my credentials anymore, I can’t find the place where it stored the credentials, does anyone know where these are being stored or how to change them?


I found it, the credentials are under the UI development view and saved in the tab MWS Admin tab.