Designer Login Problem

Hi All,

I have a problem logging into Designer. Not sure what got changed but when I am trying to the server, it is giving me an error saying "Connection failed for abcde:3344 (
Proxy Authorization Required: Proxy Authentication Required.

I was able to login earlier but now its throwing this error. I tried to search for this kind of error but haven’t had much luck.

Any suggestions.

Hi Kumar,

It seems there is change in network. Please verify the connectivity to your IS with browser with proxy/no proxy.

In case you need to define proxy in designer, go to Windows–> Preferences → General–> Network Connections.



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Hi Rankesh,

Thanks for your reply. I tried accessing the admin page in IE with and without proxy setup. I was able to login.

So, I went into the Network Connections and have added the proxy settings in proxy bypass. Now, I am able to login. Any thoughts why it was working earlier? do these settings disappear sometimes…seems odd to me.

Thanks again.