Designer java service "Source not available" but source is available through Developer

In Designer, when I double click on one of our own java services, it says, “Source not available” in one IS instance while the source is available on another IS. What controls this behavior?

.frag file which gets created under IntegrationServer\packages\YourPackage\ns.…

see if it is deleted in one server.

@ Joy Kola

I think you are using webMethods 8.2. Even I have noticed this behavior in the designer. (Not sure if this is the bug).

But it works fine on webMethods 9.5 (I did try today) :slight_smile:

Can you have a look at the below blog. I have updated my comments [at last]

[url]Java Source not available - webMethods - Software AG Tech Community & Forums

Let me know if you have questions.

All the .frag files are present. And yes, I am using 8.2. Well, all our servers are 8.2, so why some instance allow viewing the java code through Designer and some don’t? Hmm.

Did you try the workaround provided in the link

For the moment you can try this. Lets see what others say about this. :idea:

I will try that. Thanks for the tip.


  • code/source section source for java class is available.
  • In designer was unable to open as source was not available.
  • In workspace\project folder - right click - properties - changed read only to full control.
  • restarted designer and now source is available for viewing.
  • Right click testHarness - debug as Java application - run till breakpoint in java service.
  • Same error - source not available.
  • Now in design time as well source is not visible. (Operation not supported for specified element)
  • Permissions on file are automatically reset.

Seems debugger is automatically resetting permissions.

Is this due to some server property at package level?