Designer Element Lock Issue

I am working in Designer and am experiencing problems with element locking. I’m able to lock elements and modify them, then a few minutes later I go back to said element and it’s unlocked, however it shows a green check mark and says I have it locked…but the code within the element is greyed out. I’m able to relock it and continue with modifying but this is becoming a huge hassle.

Any ideas why this is happening? I’ve been doing various searches to try and figure this out. It just started happening when I downloaded and installed the latest version of Designer. I didn’t uninstall the previous version of Designer, etc. and am wondering if that could possibly have anything to do with it even though the new install is in it’s own directory?

Thanks, Diane

I went ahead and uninstalled the old versions of Designer and Developer, rebooted to make sure all files were cleaned up and then installed from scratch and the locks seem to be staying now in Designer.