Designer 8.2.1 loses lock element

I have Designer 8.2.1 installed and am able to lock elements (Lock for Edit on services,etc). However when I later return to that service it still shows me as the one that has locked it, however I’m unable to modify the contents without redoing the Lock for Edit. Then I’m once again able to update. Later, again, I’ll return and it still shows locked by me, however the contents are not updateable until I once again do the Lock for Edit.

I haven’t seen any scenario that may be causing this to happen.

Anyone else see this issue?

Hi Diane,

The problem could be caused when different user is accessing to the same services, try refresh and retry again to update the service.
Is it happening only on specific service or on others services as well?

I have tried the same scenario in my Designer version 8.2.1, it works well and I can able update the services.

Deepa Mourougayane