Designer and third party jar configuration


I have a kind of problem which starts to drive me nuts. I have some third party jar files for my package located under Integration_Server/packages/{package_name}/code/jars. This is working flawlessly however the SoftwreAG Designer (ver. 8.2) just won’t pick them up and thus making IntelliSense completely out of order. Not to mention the dozens of red underlines telling that the particular type cannot be found. The compilation is ok and runtime is fine but I just want to have the referenced jars to function as everything else does.


You need to configure the build path in Designer.

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Can you help me where can i locate the buildpath? I look over the settings under Window->PReferences->SoftwareAG but I can’t seem to find it.

NEvermind, I found it. Thank you for your help!

The buildpath is a property of the associated Java Project (as with standard Jaba development), not preferences for the whole Designer.
You should consider placing the jars into the jar directory of the package, not IS level. This allows better separation, as each package has it’s own classloader.