Designer 9.7 Collapse problem

When I collapse a BRANCH or SEQUENCE step inside a flow service in Designer 9.7 the editor jumps to the top of the flow service. I’d prefer if the editor remained on the line that I’ve collapsed rather then jumping up to the beginning of the code. It’s annoying to find the place again in a longer service. Couldn’t find any configuration for this behavior. Any ides. please?

I don’t think any configuration exist for it. I didn’t see such behaviour in wM9.9


Hi Gabor,

which fix for Service Development do you have installed?

Might be that you are missing the corresponding fix.


Hi Holger,
Thanks for the reply. I’m not 100% sure where I can find the fixes. Anyway, I attach here the Configuration from Designer - hope it helps.
Thanks for your kind support
Gabor Barta
Designer Configuration.txt (500 KB)

Ahhhh, I think I’ve found it ----

If I expand the top SEQUENCE line and scroll down in the code, BUT leave the top line highlighted and then I collapse any BRANCH or SEQUENCE down in the flow service somewhere, the screen ‘jumps’ up to the top line which was highlighted originally. Actually it happens anywhere in the code, not only with the top line.
Clearly if you highlight the line that you want to collapse, the screen doesn’t ‘jump’.

Anyway, thank you for your replies.