designer 7.2


I am using Designer 7.2 and went to deploy existing process and it wound up deploying the process steps with StepID as the identifier to the IS server oppose to the Label as it used to previously - is this a new feature or bug in Designer 7.2? Thanks

I found out these is a new feature… and its sad because it doesn’t map your existing process names to the new stepids so you have to manually copy your old IS steps into your new StepIds which is an inconvience but not unsurmountable but i don’t know how much work this will be for other people

surprised no software AG staffed answered this since there is an article out there…

anyways if anyone else has this problem you have to open an SR to get the fix but the fix is supposed to go public next week supposedly… but then they said they were going to fix this in june and now it is end of july going into august - details are here

Here is the new empower link for the referenced Article:

More interesting we have 2013 now and this is still not fixed in the latest Designer 7.2 fixes.

I think that this will never be fixed for Designer 7.2 as webMethods 7.x is EOS since now.