Designer 10.5: move project to IS package disabled

Hello everyone,
I’m unable to move project to IS package on APIGateway integration server, But it is available for webMethod integration server. Both are installed in local machine.

As per the screenshot from your query, I can see that it’s not local development capable Integration Server. The local service development feature works with the local development server only i.e. Integration Server & Designer should be from the same installation folder. Connecting Designer to any other installation’s Integration server will treat it as normal Server & the related actions will be disabled. When you connect to the proper Local Development Integration Server, you can see a “Bulls eye icon” (refer below screenshot) for the connected server in the Package Navigator.



Thanks a lot. It’s working after installing the designer in the same installation path.

Hi Zeeshan,

I’m also working on 10.5 IS. However I’m getting below error. When I click on Move Project to IS Packages. Any idea what could be the issue.

Is this a remote IS (i.e., not on your machine, but accessed via a Designer on your machine) or a local IS on your machine with Local Service Development capability?


This is local IS with designer installed in the same directory, below is the screenshot of service perspective and installed plugin.



Mostly the checked-out project might not have required Java/Local Service Development compatible natures/builders, hence first you need to add VCS project nature to the packages that are not created in the local Integration & then you can try ‘Move Project to IS Package’ option.

To do this, right-click the package in the Package Explorer view and select Configure> Convert to Local Service Development Project . This also adds the Java project nature to the package.


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Hi Prashant,

Thanks for the support. It’s working now.

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